Red Rock Global Security Group (RRGSG) is a global investigation and intelligence firm helping clients identify, understand, and mitigate threats in both the public and private sectors. Our firm consists of former FBI Agents and CIA Case Officers who remain dedicated to serving with professionalism, discretion, and efficiency.  ​  We understand the dynamic and complex nature of today's global security and intelligence requirements and we have the experience to successfully address all dynamic needs.  ​  Our offices are located in California, Florida, Colorado, and South Carolina. The RRGSG consists of thought-leaders, authors, and strategic advisors to private sector clients, academic institutions, and media.


We are a team of veteran analysts, investigators, and professionals specializing in global and national security issues. We use our more than 100 years of combined experience with the FBI and CIA to help our clients. Red Rock Global Security Group is versed in all aspects of corporate due diligence investigations involving executive searches, asset searches, cyber threat investigations, money laundering investigations, terrorist financing investigations, insurance fraud investigations, civil investigations, export violations investigations, international parental child abduction cases as well as other complex high-profile matters. Our team has conducted thousands of cases for hundreds of clients across the globe. Our investigative skills coupled with our extensive network of sources allow us to provide you with timely information and actionable results.

Intel Gathering and Undercover Operations

Provided to all types of clients needing help with data collection, analysis, undercover based operations and deep or dark web engagements

Our international private investigation and intelligence firm specializes in elite protection for the world’s most high-value individuals. We're driven by mission-critical technology, tactics and operators that thrive on delivering the very best results. We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of intelligence, security and investigative services to companies, private interests and individuals. The firm maintains a network of sources and contacts around the world, offering direct access to information on any subject of interest to its clients.

+ Private intelligence

+ Deep web search and scrape

+ Online or physical undercover operations

+ Financial search data recovery

+ Bank account location 

+ Global open source intelligence (OSINT) resources

Corporate Threats and Investigations

Provided for private and public companies of all sizes that have challenges with fraud, industrial espionage, fracturing corporate partnerships or open-source intelligence challenges

As a global investigation and intelligence team, we provide a wide range of services for a variety of businesses from fraud investigations to international executive protection. As the field of international corporate investigations expands, so does the need for companies to hire experienced investigators. We specialize in providing comprehensive risk assessments and security directives for international executives. We also provide physical protection for executives and their family members who may be subject to kidnapping, hostage situations, or other threats. 

+ Internal or external fraud, financial and scam investigations

+ Physical international executive protection in high-threat environments

+ Vetting corporate partnerships

+ In-depth threat analysis, internal and external

+ Entity and individual investigative charting

+ Industrial espionage investigations

Individual and Private Interest Concerns

Provided for individuals who have stalkers, cyber stalkers, physical security concerns, blackmailing challenges of any kind, and all high net worth private concerns 

Red Rock Global Security Group is a global investigations and intelligence group with dynamic physical security and cyber expertise. With deep open source intelligence (OSINT) competence, we thrive on helping our clients secure their interests both domestically and overseas. Whether it's an investigation into suspicious activity, missing persons search or tracking down stolen assets, we conduct our investigations with compassion and confidentiality. We have specialized experience with high net worth individuals and their specific challenges.

+ Physical stalking and cyberstalking investigation and remediation

+ Kidnapping/missing person investigations

+ Global asset search, location and recovery

+ Investigatory due diligence efforts on private and business partners

+ Private investigator and background investigations for all individuals and concerns

Training, SME, Education, and Assessments

Provided for law enforcement, non-profits, educational entities of all types, and private companies

We provide in-depth training in executive protection, anti-kidnapping/terrorism, protective surveillance, security consulting, executive overseas travel courses, active shooter assessments, and interviews/interrogations for law enforcement, education entities of all kinds, and private companies. We make it easy to apply our techniques by demonstrating them in real-life scenarios for an immediate understanding of how they work. Our instructors include former CIA, FBI, US Military, and Intelligence Officers who teach situational experiences that occurred during their careers. 

+ Subject matter expertise on interview and interrogation training and tactics

+ Advanced detecting surveillance

+ Protective situational awareness

+ Anti-kidnapping and terrorism training and education

+ Extensive executive group on-site training for overseas work

+ Active shooter assessments